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The global south is deprived of at least £200bn each year through tax-dodging by multinational corporations. In the UK, when all taxes are taken into account, the poorest pay a higher rate of tax than the richest. Tax avoidance costs the UK exchequer at least £30billion each year. Tax injustice contributes to poverty and inequality. We think its wrong, and we want to do something to change it. Will you come and help us?

Church Action for Tax Justice (CATJ) is one of our two major programmes and we are looking for a new Chair to oversee the CATJ Committee.

The ideal person will be someone who is theologically and economically literate, and who believes that one of the best ways to tackle poverty and inequality is by addressing the structural causes of those issues. The Chair does not necessarily have to have deep expertise in matters of tax justice, but they should be willing to become familiar with the issues. We are looking for someone who is a Christian, is able to chair effectively and who can help lead the work of the committee to be as effective as it can be.

Full details can be found on the Charityjobs website and we would encourage you to take a closer look and apply before applications close on Wednesday, 28th October at 9am. 

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