We need to talk about … corporate governance

There is much discussion going on about company behaviour. ECCR has made submissions to the government and to Parliament as part of consultations about corporate governance. The current debate is for every company and all in our society and ECCR wants to stimulate discussion and encourage greater understanding about these issues within the faith sector.

To help ECCR members promote dialogue at church and congregational level and to bring greater understanding of corporate governance issues within their neighbourhood, we have developed some materials:

  • Tri-fold promotional leaflet – can be found in Word here or in pdf here
  • Detailed notes – can be found here;
  • ECCR submission to government – can be found here.

What can you do?

Would a local business or Rotary group foster a discussion group in your area?

What about the Chamber of Commerce or the Round Table or Churches Together?

These could take two formats:

  • Private for the benefit of the participants
  • Public with an idea of educating a wider audience about the issues

and might include:

  • Directors of local companies
  • Local trade union leaders
  • Providers of infrastructure (local/county councillors & council departmental managers)

There could be more than one such gathering, perhaps with different participants for some of them. We’ve suggested below some issues that can be discussed. (Detailed notes to support those discussions can be found via the link to notes above)

Some questions to consider

  • What is a company for?
  • What is the nature of its supply chains?
  • What’s the company’s impact on the environment?
  • How are companies ‘governed’?
  • What about its people?
  • How does it approach human rights?
  • What can shareholders do?
  • What is good ‘stewardship’?

Do let us know how you get on – we would love to hear from you. Contact: corporate.responsibility@eccr.org.uk