The Cost of Life on Earth


Over 100 people attended this conference organised by the Oxford group of ECCR where Tessa Tennant, co-founder of the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF) and Sir Mark Moody Stuart previously chairman of the Royal Dutch/Shell group of companies and of Anglo-American plc, opened the event and spoke to economic alternatives, green investment and the perspective of industry on investment and climate issues.

Speakers the following day included Mohamed Adow, Senior Climate Change Adviser at Christian Aid; Sunniva Taylor, Trustee of Operation Noah and Barbara Hayes, Chair of ECCR West Midlands who considered the impact of climate change, the role of fossil fuels and the cases for disinvestment and shareholder engagement. A view from West Africa was provided by Father Kevin O’Hara of SACA (Shareholders Alliance for Corporate Accountability), ECCR’s partner in Nigeria.

Participants were able to discuss these issues further in workshops which covered international impacts of climate change, in-depth examination of ethical screening, developing an ethical portfolio, managing a positive investment fund without fossil fuels, positive investment in local community renewable energy, the case for disinvestment, the concept of Islamic law and sharia compliance in connection with ethical investment, shareholder engagement and the principles and practice of churches involved with ECCR’s Ethical Money Churches initiative.

The full conference report can be found  here. The executive summary can be found here  and the closing reflection, by Revd. Paula here.

Download the conference programme and booking form.


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