Stories to Inspire

Sharing Stories

By sharing the stories of those who seek to bring about positive change, we hope to inspire Christians and churches to be change-makers in their communities. 

We will be adding to these stories regularly. Please get in touch to share stories of those you know, who are making a difference where they are. 

#1: Francis Freedom

Our first story is that of Francis Freedom, a fisherman from the Niger Delta. Francis met Father Kevin O’Hara, an Irish St Patricks Missionary Society priest based in Nigeria in 2012. Together they took on Shell seeking justice for an oil spill that had occurred some years earlier, polluting the lake in which Francis and his community fished. With a bit of help from ECCR, they convinced Shell Nigeria to clean up the lake and Francis proved that even one person with limited resources can make a difference. Watch the short video to find out more or click here to read his story

To read more about ECCR’s work campaigning for justice in the Niger Delta, visit our Reports and Newsletters page