Our Work

We have two main strands to our work:

Education and Action

Money Makes Change is a new national ECCR programme, opening up conversations around how Christians use, spend, save and invest the resources they have – however big or small. We want to equip  individuals and churches to take practical action, with the finances they steward, to contribute to economic, social and environmental justice.

The programme builds on our pilot projects and partnerships in recent years and brings together two strands of work: 

  1. Ethical Money Churches and
  2. Your Faith, Your Finance

Ethical Money Churches sought to engage churches and individuals around issues of faith and money through two pilot projects, firstly in the South West (2013-2018) and since 2016, in the West Midlands. Through Bible studies and workshops, we inspired Christians to make ethical choices with their finances.

The Your Faith, Your Finance website was launched in 2013, in partnership with Quaker Peace and Social Witness. It helped individuals think through money, faith and ethics, and provided information, questions and practical suggestions for action.

These projects and our collaboration with partners, regionally and nationally, have helped us explore how to get Christians talking and acting around faith and money. Bringing this learning together into Money Makes Change enables us to ensure our resources are relevant and inclusive, with the aim of reaching a wider audience and inspiring deeper engagement and more practical action.

We will now have one place where individuals and congregations can access what they need to start these vital conversations and discover how their financial decisions can shape a fairer world. Money Makes Change resources for individuals and churches can be found here. 

For more on how Money Makes Change came about, click here.

Advocacy and Engagement

Staying true to our roots, we will continue to campaign on specific issues, such as tax justice, using a partnership approach. 

Church Action for Tax Justice (CATJ) is currently our main programme in this area. CATJ campaigns for a fairer, greener tax system in which corporations and individuals pay what they owe, and tax dodging is eliminated. Through CATJ we focus on fostering a tax system that serves the common good and so tackles poverty and inequality, both nationally and globally. More information is available on the dedicated CATJ website.

In addition, we have strong links with partners such as ICCR (Interfaith Centre on Corporate Responsibility), LMN (London Mining Network), PWYP (Publish What You Pay) and others.

Increasingly we are working with partners to advocate for a fairer economy and a more just financial sector. We believe that the choices we make concerning our money have the power to change the world for the better. This is an outworking of our faith, and our planet and society can no longer afford for us to ignore our responsibility as stewards of God’s creation. We all have our part to play.

Join Us and Make a Start.

A typical church with 40 households earning an average income of £25k per year has a collective spending power of £1 million every year. Imagine the difference we can make!