Our History

Where We Started

ECCR was formed in 1989. It focused on issues such as indigenous rights in Nigeria and the Philippines, migrant work and sex trafficking, and partnered with organisations such as CAFOD and Christian Aid to release reports into corporate responsibility. 

We’ve worked with faith groups and religious orders to look at how individual churches and church-goers can apply pressure to corporations and governments. 

For many years we provided research, resources for campaigning and advocacy, responses to government consultations, reports to help shareholders engage with companies, and templates for letter-writing campaigns.

Working with Faith Communities

In response to increasing concerns about the use of Church funds in companies which promoted fossil fuels, the Church Investors Group  was founded to look at ways in which institutional church funds could be utilised as force for good.

ECCR has therefore increasingly concentrated on working with individual churches and church-goers, to help them think about how the money they use in their daily lives can become a tool of their faith, resulting in our programme, Money Makes Change.

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