Money Makes Change: Pensions

Our pensions are a tool we can use to shape a fairer, greener world.
Do you know what your pension is doing?

Faith in your pension

Many of us contribute a small amount of money each month into a pension. This adds up to trillions of pounds in global pension funds.

As Christians we are called to seek justice (Isaiah 1:17) and pursue peace (Psalm 34:14).  Is your pension invested in a more just and peaceful world?

Pay attention to your pension

How often do you think about your pension? Does it align with your values and the issues you care about? 

Some big pension funds have committed to climate action but there’s still a long way to go before the money in our pensions is protecting the world we love.


Pensions for a better world

Your pension is more than just paperwork and a promise of future security. The companies you are invested in have a direct impact on people and planet. 

Our pensions have the power to change society today and ensure a fairer, greener future for everyone.

What can I do?

Learn more about pensions and investments

If you only have 5 minutes to spare, read this short article about ethical pensions.

If you haven’t purposely opted into an ethical fund your money might be invested in sectors you wouldn’t choose to support e.g. tobacco, fossil fuels and arms companies. This great little video from ShareAction explains why we need to pay attention to our pensions.

Take action

Don’t be afraid to engage with your pension. Start by asking some questions. Contact your pension provider about the issues you are concerned about. Find out how your pension is invested. Your pension provider will have policies around what it invests in and how it engages with companies.  

If your provider offers an ‘ethical’ fund, find out what criteria is used. What is excluded or included? If you don’t have an ethical fund option you can still ask your pensions provider to take action.

You could take action for a nuclear weapon free world with the Investing in Change campaign or campaign for greener pensions with Make My Money Matter.

Explore our pension-related resources to help you speak out through your pension.

Looking for a more ethical pension fund or provider? Here are some helpful resources:

Please note: ECCR does not provide financial advice. Please read our Disclaimer.

Have you recently switched to an ethical fund or engaged with your pension provider? Get in touch and share your #MoneyMakesChange story.

Join the Green Your Money campaign

Become a Pension Pioneer

Take a step to green your pension

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Reflect and pray

If you want the money you give away to change society for the better, don’t you want to know your pension is doing the same?

Download this article about ethical pensions – share it with your church and help others reflect on the ethics of their pension.

Eternal God, may the decisions I make with my pension be rooted in love and justice. Help me engage with my pension provider and call for money to be used to shape a fairer, greener world. Amen

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I'm considering the ethics of my pension. Are you? Check out the resources on the #MoneyMakesChange hub.

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