Don't Bank on Plastics

Is your bank financing the plastic crisis?

The global plastic crisis is threatening God’s creation. The way we produce and dispose of plastics is polluting oceans, endangering people’s health and fuelling climate change. 

Many of us – in our homes and churches – have reduced our use of single-use plastic packaging. Consumer action is important but it’s not enough. To tackle the plastic crisis, we need to go to the source of the problem.  

Banks continue to finance plastic producers and polluters. 

Between 2015 – 2019 the world’s biggest banks – including Barclays and HSBC – provided the equivalent of USD 790 million per day in finance to companies with involvement in the global plastics supply chain. See Portfolio Earth’s Bankrolling Plastics report to learn more.

Is your bank fuelling plastic pollution? We want banks to limit their financing of the biggest plastic producers and polluters, engage with companies for change, and play their part in ending the plastic crisis. Join us in calling for action 

companies produce 90% of all single-use plastic waste

The Plastic Waste Makers Index highlights the links between banks and plastic producers like ExxonMobil and Dow. It’s time for banks to take action.

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Don't Bank on Plastics: Template Letter

If your bank isn’t listed in our email action tool or you prefer to contact your bank in a different way e.g. by post, you can download the template message here. Please do let us know if you have contacted your bank this way by emailing us at