Get your church involved

Join a growing movement of churches taking action with the money they steward to shape a fairer, more sustainable world.

You probably think carefully about the money that you give away. Do you give as much attention to where you bank, the businesses you buy from or what you invest in? All these decisions have an impact on the world. 

Our Money Makes Change resources equip you to transform the conversations you have about money in church and take practical action.  

Contact us if you’d like help in getting your church involved. We can provide a speaker, help you facilitate a workshop or simply talk through some ideas.

NEW: Ethical Bank Accounts & Ethical Buying Guide for Churches

We’ve got two NEW resources for your church. Our ethical banking resource for churches helps you explore 5 of the more ethical options. Looking at where you bank is a great place to start if you want to shape a fairer, more sustainable world. Our brand new Ethical Buying Guide is designed to help your church create a fairer world through your everyday spending.

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Take action

There are lots of steps your church can take to help shape a fairer, more sustainable world.

Who does your church bank with? What do you know about the bank’s values and practices?  

Open up conversations in your church and help people connect faith, money and ethical issues.  

Think carefully about the impact of the money you spend as a church. Choose ethical products and do your research on the companies you buy from. Use your spending power to call for a fairer world.  

Does your church have any investments? Even if you don’t, you may have members of your congregation who do. Anyone who has a pension is an investor! 

  • Use our interactive workshop to explore ethical investments and pensions, and help people connect their faith and their finances. 
  • Looking to develop an ethical investment policy? We can’t offer financial advice but we can help your congregation understand different approaches to ethical investment and identify the issues that are important to you. Get in touch if you’d like help with this. 
  • Find out more about your denomination’s investment policies.  
  • Divest from fossil fuels through Operation Noah’s Bright Now campaign
  • Share our ethical investment article in your church newsletter.  
  • If you don’t have investments, your church may have other resources you could put to use for the common good. Explore further ideas in our Where your treasure is Action guide.  

The Money Makes Change Pledge is our toolkit for churches, to help you connect faith, money and ethics. 

  • Use our Money Makes Change Pledge toolkit to reflect on what you are already doing and identify your next steps. 
  • Choose up to 4 actions that are relevant to your church and commit to action with the Money Makes Change Pledge
  • There are free Ethical Consumer subscriptions available to the first few churches who make a Pledge (and discounted subscriptions for everyone else), so get your church involved today!

There are lots of ways you can use your voice as a church to engage with those in power, hold businesses to account and share your vision of a fairer, more sustainable world. 

If you have taken action for a fairer, more sustainable world with your church finances or engaged with a business on ethical issues we’d love to hear from you.

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