Money Makes Change

Money Makes Change is ECCR’s programme for individuals and churches.

The way we spend, save and invest money has a huge impact on the world around us. Loving our neighbours and protecting God’s creation means taking seriously what we do with all our resources, not just the money we give away.

Money Makes Change is building a community of people passionate about connecting faith and finance. Come and get involved! Watch our introductory video (right), explore the resources below or check out our upcoming events.

Programme Resources


Money Makes Change Pledge

The Pledge gives your church a framework to look at how you connect faith, money and ethics – in your church’s financial decisions, teaching and worship, and in how you serve your neighbours, locally and globally.

Interactive workshop

Interactive Workshop

The workshop gives you everything you need to explore how the choices we make around money can change the world for the better. It include a leader’s guide, slides, worksheets, resources to go deeper and video content.


Messy Money

Messy Money helps people of all ages think about faith and money through creative, hands-on activities, storytelling and prayer. It is a joint resource produced with the Bible Reading Fellowship (Messy Church).


Bible Study for Small Groups

Our Money Makes Change Bible studies are designed to help you explore ethical issues around money with your small group or wider church. You can choose just one or look at all of them as part of a series.


Guided Prayer

Take some time to be still and reflect on your faith and finances with our Money Makes Change guided prayer resource, which combines a guided reflection with reflective music and images.


Action Starters and Articles

Resources designed to provide practical information for churches looking to take steps to make positive change, as well as articles for church newsletters, websites or to help raise awareness.

We're excited to offer these resources for use and more are on the way!

Why Money Makes Change?

We launched Money Makes Change in January 2020 to bring together our educational resources for individuals and churches and to inspire action for a fairer, more sustainable world.  The programme draws on learning from our Ethical Money Churches pilot projects , and content produced for the YourFaithYourFinance website, a joint venture with Quaker Peace & Social Witness.

Our logo combines a symbol of money with a person offering up their resources in a positive way. As a community, Christians in the UK have stewardship over billions of pounds. Our decisions around money can make change happen, for the good of all.