Money Makes Change

Money Makes Change

Taking our learnings from the Ethical Money Churches pilots, as well as the YourFaithYourFinance website (our joint venture with Quaker Peace & Social Witness), we’re excited to launch the Money Makes Change programme.

Money Makes Change is the new name for our education programme and encompasses resources for individuals, small groups and churches.

Here you’ll find resources available to download, free of charge, for you to explore. Coming soon, we’ll have more resources available on an online hub for individuals and churches to use, as well as lots of ways to take practical action.

Why Money Makes Change?

The way we spend, save and invest money has a huge impact on the world around us. Our financial decisions affect the neighbours (locally and globally) we are called to love, and the whole of creation, which we are called to protect.

Our logo brings together money with the impression of an active, positive person. As a community, Christians in the UK have stewardship over billions of pounds. Our decisions around money can make change happen, for the good of all.

Available Resources

We launched our Money Makes Change programme in January 2020. We’d love you to explore the resources we have available for your small group or church and find out how you can make a difference. 

Interactive Workshop

The interactive workshop resource gives you everything you need to start a conversation and explore how the choices we make around money can change the world for the better. The resources include a leaders guide , PowerPoint, worksheets, resources to go deeper and video content. 

Action Starters

Money Makes Change encourages Christians to take practical action to make a difference. We’re working on a series of Action Starters to help individuals and churches do just that! These are below:

Churches can take practical action by choosing to bank with a more ethical bank. We’ve looked at 5 of the more ethical options out there.  Click here to view our analysis.  

We are working on more Action Starters, but if you have any ideas as to what we should focus on next, please get in touch!

Messy Money

Messy Money helps people of all ages think about faith and money through creative, hands-on activities, storytelling and prayer. It is a joint resource produced with Messy Church.

Guided Prayer Resource

Take some time to be still and reflect on your faith and finances with our Money Makes Change guided prayer resource, which combines a guided reflection with reflective music and images. 

We're excited to offer these resources for use and more are on the way!