Church Action for Tax Justice | Bible Studies

Monthly on Mondays | 12:30-1:30pm

Church Action for Tax Justice director Dr Justin Thacker leads a series of online Bible Studies, spaces are limited so book fast. 

As part of our Restoring Hope series of events in 2020 Dr Justin Thacker led three separate online small group discussions exploring what the Bible has to say about faith and finance. All the studies were sold out, and so we have now decided to run these on a monthly basis on an ongoing basis. The studies are free to attend but limited to just 12 people in order to facilitate discussion. You can do the studies in any order and each one covers different material. All the studies are conducted by zoom.

The three studies are: 

  • Study 1: What does the Bible say about income and wealth? 
  • Study 2: What does the Bible say about equality and redistribution?
  • Study 3: What does the Bible say about poverty and justice? 

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