EMC and ‘Economic Resilience in 13 Short Lessons’

ECCR’s Executive Director, John Arnold, joined others invited by Friends Provident Foundation for the launch of “Economic resilience in 13 Short Lessons” – 13 commissioned films by key opinion formers in financial services regulation, civil society, funding and finance – capturing their thoughts on what would make our economic system more resilient.

The aim of the films is to open the debate about what action can be taken now to build an economy that is less vulnerable to shocks – do we need new structures, new ideas, new evident or new people?

The 13 clips, a ‘Video Wall’, pose the central question “What would you do if you had a million pounds to build a more resilient economy?”. See John being interviewed and talking about the role of the ECCR project – Ethical Money Churches – in building economically resilient communities at http://vimeo.com/116167134