Church Action for Tax Justice

What is Church Action for Tax Justice

Church Action for Tax Justice is a programme of ECCR. It stands for a fairer, greener tax system where taxes are set to reflect the Common Good, and individuals and corporations pay their fair share. We believe that Tax should not be seen as a burden; it’s a way of showing love for our neighbour and creating the type of just society which we find in the teachings of Jesus and the prophets.

In the context of increasing global inequality and unprecedented environmental challenges, the tax system can play a vital role in building more just and sustainable societies, and in fostering good relations between human beings. 

Yet today’s tax system fails to deliver, at both national and global level. For many people of faith this situation is untenable; representing both a cause and a symptom of unjust and broken economic relationships. The time has come to fundamentally rethink our relationship with tax and have an honest conversation about what we want our tax system to deliver.

What we aim to do?

Raise awareness in Churches of the relationship between taxes, equality and public services

Campaign for transparency and an end to tax dodging by both corporations and individuals

Encourage Christians to promote Tax Justice through all they do

Stimulate a conversation about the society we want to live in and the tax system that could deliver that

Want to hear from us?

We send out a regular weekly newsletter as well as other communications highlighting key campaigns and encouraging you in your journey campaigning for a fairer, greener tax system. We’d love to stay in touch, you can sign up to hear from us below.