Church Action for
Tax Justice

Church Action for Tax Justice stands for a fairer, greener tax system where taxes are set to reflect the Common Good, and individuals and corporations pay their fair share.

We believe that tax should not be seen as a burden; it’s a way of showing love for our neighbour and creating the type of just society which we find in the teachings of Jesus and the prophets.

In the context of increasing global inequality and unprecedented environmental challenges, the tax system can play a vital role in building more just and sustainable societies, and in fostering good relations between human beings. 

Wealth Taxes

Explore our work on Wealth Taxes, sign up to our Wealth Tax Pledge and so much more.
The UK Government should introduce wealth taxes now, contributing to a tax system that helps the poorest, and enables the wealthy to contribute to a fairer share to society.
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A Global Tax Plan

A global tax plan for a global pandemic. Read our full report on the Biden tax plan.
Our report – A Global Tax Plan for a Global Pandemic – has shown how Biden’s tax plan combined with reform of global tax rules would provide sufficient finance to vaccinate all those at risk of severe covid disease.
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Bible Studies

Explore Tax Justice with your church or small group using our Bible study resources.
Former CATJ director Dr Justin Thacker has written three small group Bible Studies for a small group context. These studies address issues of income and wealth, equality and redistribution, and poverty and justice.

Postcard from offshore

In this blog, Phil Craine, convenor of TaxWatch Isle of Man, shares his perspective on the Island’s history as an offshore financial centre – and what the future might hold for it, and others like it.

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