Action Starters & Articles

What are Action Starters & Articles?

Money Makes Change encourages Christians to connect their faith and their finances to shape a fairer, more sustainable world

Action Starters are full of useful information and tips, designed to help churches take practical steps towards making a difference. Share them with your church or use them alongside the Money Makes Change Pledge to get your church involved. 

Articles introduce a variety of subjects, linking faith and finance, and point people towards the actions they can take. Download them for your church website, newsletters or other publications and help spread the word. 

We will be adding to the Action Starters and Articles over time, but those available so far are found below! If there’s a topic you’d like us to cover, please let us know. 

Action Starters

You can download our Action Starters here:

Churches can take practical action by choosing to bank with a more ethical bank. We’ve looked at 5 of the more ethical options out there. Click here to view our analysis.


You can download our Articles here:

We have a number of formats available, click the following links to download the one best suited for you | Full colour PDF | Text only | Short versionThe article contains an image that can be downloaded separately here.